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Are you struggling to cope with life and relationships? Is work stress causing you to feel angry, lost, anxious and disinterested? Are you struggling with coming out or integrating your sexual identity? Perhaps your having that feeling that you just don’t know yourself anymore. These are some of the themes I have heard from clients. You don’t need to be alone with these feelings. Finding your voice and rediscovering joy in your life is possible.

I have a unique experience as a therapist, having worked 13 years in health care supporting clients. I focus on psycho-spiritual integration and assist individuals finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Empathy and Compassion are the foundation of my therapeutic practice. Together, we can create a place for you to move toward wellness.

Deciding to make an appointment with a therapist is one of the hardest decision you can make. I’ll assist you finding meaning and purpose as you explore your life, developing meaningful relationships and increased self-awareness, exploring what is essential for you. I use a relational mindfulness approach to therapy.

To schedule a psychotherapy appointment please contact me by calling (416) 708-6787 or emailing derekstrachan.rp@gmail.com.

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